Gaming Technology – What Are The Latest Ones?

Video games are popular games that have its root since the 1980s. Since then to offer better gaming experience to players, technology is being advanced and latest gaming technology is made to make brighter future of gaming. Advancement done in games offer the unusual experience that was not possible during old times because then such advancements were not there. Today, players also want to enjoy new games with latest gaming technology. Whether the game is online or app games, a player wants to try new and latest ones.

Games are the integrated part of our lives whether we try them out because of curiosity or habit. Today, there are almost 1.8 billion people who are in the world of gaming. Gaming consoles are now wire-less, and now a player can play without the mouse or even keyboards which led it into the new phase. Many new technologies are evolving, and industry is changing according to them which pave the way for a new level of gaming. Here are some latest and evolving new technologies.

Latest Gaming Technologies

1. Facial recognition
In the gaming industry, this technology is going to lead the world. Facial recognition and 3D scanning let the user experience or create their character. It connects emotions of a user and digital world by allowing them to create games. The technology is going to manipulate the way developers design games and a user can control the games with their emotions. The devices using this technology will scan the different points of the face of a user to analyze the emotions. For example- if someone faces difficulty in-game by detecting the reaction of user system will drop down the difficulty level instantly.

2. Voice recognition
Voice recognition is again an excellent advancement that let the user switch from manual controlling to voice control. This one is not new to the gaming industry, but then the systems were not compatible to work with it. Today, systems are more compatible and can easily recognize user’s voice and can operate as per the voice commands. The entire game play starting from on and off to control the other features is now easy to control with voice. It has led the player to more focus on the game instead of controlling the system via keyboards and mouse. Users can talk to their systems, select games from the library or give a command to the system which means players get complete control.

3. Gesture control
Gesture control is no doubt one of the modern advancement that has ever happened in the world of technology. Controlling everything without any physical touch, by voice control but by just gestures is simple and more effective. It allows a player to control the game with hands or movement of face and body. The device consists of the camera that tracks different separate points of hands to get the signals. It gives freedom to the user to connect with the game.

4. Amazing graphics
In the old days, the graphics were based on 8-bit graphics, but now we have come for long. The graphics give a real feel to the player that let them feel that they are inside the game. Today, the games come with advanced and amazing graphics with amazing textures. The textures and images are of high quality that increases the playability of the gamers. It increases the playability in the sense that players feel connected to the virtual world. It cut them from the real world.

5. High- def displays
Experience games in high definition systems eventually stand at the top of this industry. The crispness, colors, and displays that seems great to the players are because of high definition displays.

6. Virtual reality’
Gaming consoles using this technology has not released yet but no doubt that it will completely change the experience of players that they have never experienced before. VR headsets and devices are in the stage of progress, and many manufacturers are adopting this technology. When gaming devices with virtual reality are revealed, then the entire industry will take a new look and player can entirely lose them in a virtual world.

virtual reality

7. Augmented reality
A step ahead of virtual reality is the augmented reality where the player is not confined to any computer screen or TV. The gamer can experience different perspective according to them. They can include real-world objects in the game. The entire world becomes the place for playing, and thus space is not the limitation. For example- one can play table tennis in their kitchen garden or make puzzles from the object they get in their home.

8. Wearable gaming
Wearing technology is used in the fitness industry, but now the manufacturers are trying to bring it in the gaming industry. Wearable games are portable and take the player beyond the gaming consoles. They are the extensions of a body as well the gaming consoles.

9. Mobile gaming
With the introduction of smartphones, games are not limited to the desktop they have gone far beyond it. Now, they have come out from the living room to the palm of the users. Mobile gaming technology is more popular than any other technology because of the ability to play hundreds and thousands of games online.

10. Cloud gaming
Developers are now moving towards cloud gaming to lessen the burden of hardware s. A gaming device is limited to memory space, but in a cloud, gaming memory is not a problem. On a cloud, games can be of massive size and users can enjoy even them without sacrificing their device’s memory.

11. On-demand gaming
Sharing and watching live games are fun but playing them is more fun. They are similar to movie streaming and is going to be reality very soon. On-demand gaming will lead the gaming industry and there will be billions of players who will love to play the games on-demands.
These were the top and latest gaming technology that will change the world of games. Game developers have to adapt the technology and produce according to them to claim their presence among competitors. In short, to give the unique experience to their user’s developers have to bring devices compatible with these technologies.

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